Your descendants will be proud to see your name immortalized at the Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion

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Help us restore our beautiful home.

It comes as no surprise that the current windows and shutters on the mansion are in need of restoration. However, the shutters that have been on the home for over a hundred years can no longer simply be repaired.

After years of dutiful service and St. Louis weather, the time has finally come to replace the windows and shutters. As one can imagine, this comes at a large cost to a nonprofit organization. 

Below are some more photos of the how badly the they need replaced. 

Hope is not lost with your help! 

The process has already started, and our wonderful woodworker, Alex Mattan, has fully restored the West-side. Alex has worked hard and tirelessly to reconstruct the shutters to be exact replicas, in measurement and style, as the original. As seen in some pictures below, this is no small feat! 

However, this project does not come without a price. Each window and shutter costs an average of $2,000 to restore. As a nonprofit, we turn to our loyal and beloved members, like you, to help us raise the funds to complete the project! 

We need to raise a grand total of $68,000 to restore our wonderful mansion. With a donation of $2,000 or more, you will fully adopt a window and shutter set! As such you will have the option to place your name on a plaque that will show your generous support of the mansion and our history for years to come! 

Sponsor Now!