When you visit the Chatillon-DeMenil, you will undoubtedly hear us say “This is Sophie’s home. We are just here to care for it.” Time, weather, and progress take their toll on all things, and after one-hundred-fifty years, our windows are in a state of serious rot and disrepair. Today, we are asking for you to help us to fulfill our mission of keeping Sophie’s home as she originally envisioned, by supporting the restoration of our elegant windows allowing us to maintain their beauty and charm.

The need is significant. We are now facing reconstruction of each window and shutter in the house at the cost of $2,200 per window. We started this process last year with the completion of the windows on the west façade of the house. In order to complete the remaining windows on the north and south side of the house, we need to raise $15,400 for the north elevation and $35,200 for the south elevation facing Cherokee street.

The Chatillon-DeMenil window restoration started in 2017 with the full restoration of 9 windows and the attached shutters on the west side of the house. In order to maintain the building’s historic integrity, the exterior of each window will be painstakingly deconstructed and the exterior frame rebuilt using either douglas fir or cypress to the exact specifications of the original DeMenil windows. Each window sash will be renewed using existing materials where possible with any rotting wood replaced. The shutters are being rebuilt from scratch using historically accurate hardware from the original manufacturer and painted the exact shade of green originally used by the DeMenils. We have 23 windows still to go. Your gift will help us achieve our goal of completing this project in 2019.

Your gift of:

• $25 will replace the hardware on one shutter

• $60 will provide all materials needed for one sash renewal

• $120 will purchase lumber needed for one exterior window frame

• $270 covers labor for rebuilding a single window frame

• $420 covers all labor, materials, and lumber for an exterior frame

• $785 covers all labor, materials, and lumber for a window sash

• $1,010 covers all labor, materials, and lumber for a pair of shutters

• $2,200 will completely restore a single window